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Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

The Analytical Chemistry in JilinUniversity was established in 1952 as a division of the Department of Chemistry. It offers the graduate programs (MS, PhD) since1993. Currently, it consists of Department of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Microchemical Analysis Apparatus, and Jilin Engineering and Technology Research Center of Spectrum and Imaging Apparatus. Besides teaching, we are also focused on the development of innovative approaches and new technologies in analytical chemistry and the manufacture of precise analysis instruments.

Up to now, there are 30 faculty and staff members, including 14 full professors, 7 associate professors, 3 lecturers, 1 research fellows, 5 engineers.Our research interesting covers the fundamental research, applied research, and development and manufacture of novel analysis equipments. The specific areas of research are listed as follows:

  1. Development of analytical instruments

  2. Nano-biological and nano-medical analysis

  3. Electroanalytical chemistry

  4. Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry

  5. New technology of mass spectra and chromatographic analysis

  6. Assembly and nanostructure spectroscopy




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