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Applied Chemistry
Applied Chemistry

The Department of Applied Chemistry at JilinUniversity offers both undergraduate and graduate (Master and Doctor) degrees in Engineering. The Department provides a rich selection of programs for study and research into all disciplines of chemistry with interdisciplinary linked to engineering. Our undergraduate research laboratories are equipped with a comprehensive range of equipment for students to explore the modern techniques in chemistry. Undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in the Innovative Research Program and present their research findings as talks or posters at annual congress.

Currently, there are 25 academic staffs in the department, including 10 full professors and 15 associate professors. Research in the Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering department at JilinUniversity can be split into 8 main areas:

  1. Design and preparation of functional membrane materials

  2. Rare earth functional materials

  3. Research and application of optical functional nanomaterials

  4. Advanced composite materials

  5. Multi-functional fine chemicals

  6. Design and preparation of organic photoelectric functional materials

  7. Development and recycling of mineral resources

  8. Polyoxometallate functional nanomaterials


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