Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Polymer Chemistry and Physics

The Polymer Chemistry and Physics of Jilin University, including the State Key Lab of Supramolecular Structure and Materials, the Key Lab of Specialty Engineering Plastics of the Ministry of Education, and the Department of Polymer Chemistry, is one of the top academic centers for polymer research in China.

The Polymer Chemistry was the first division of the Department of Chemistry. Professor Aoqing Tang was the first head of the Division, and he was joined by then Dr Weisun Tao (Biochemist) and Dr Baogong Qian (Polymer chemist) as lecturers.

We host an average of 50 undergraduate students and 115 graduate students, and award around 40 doctoral degrees each year. Our graduate teaching spans all aspects of the evolving polymer field, from polymer synthesis, characterization, morphology, rheology, physics, engineering to nanotechnology.

Among its 45 academic staff, 1 academician of ChineseAcademy of Sciences, 24 full professors, 14 associate professors and 6 assistant professors are engaged in six core areas of research as follows:

  1. Biomacromolecular self-assembly and its applications

  2. Assembly and functionalization of polymer nano-micro ordered structure, and electro-optical information polymers and devices

  3. Molecular design, synthesis and processing of special engineering plastics

  4. Design of high performance functional polymers and functional membranes,

  5. Electroptical polymers and nanodevices

  6. Design of functional membranes


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