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Roger D Whitley博士学术报告
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        目:Adsorption Systems and Technology

报 告 人:Roger D Whitley博士

      Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

      Process and SeparationsCenter



Roger D Whitley博士概况

1986 B.S.ChEN.C.State University.

1990 Ph.D.ChE Purdue University.

1991-Present GEG Adsorption

Director, Separations Division of AIChE

Expertise: VSA, PSA, Adsorption Pilot Unit, Lab and Pilot-scale experiments, PLC Programming, Adsorbent and Zeolite Materials Manufacturing, Characterization and Scale-up, Computer Modeling/Simulation, Solution Purification, Ion Exchange.

Publications:Over 50 International Journal, Patents, Reports.

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