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学术报告第169场 Dr. Guanglu Wu、张兴宏教授 and 崔树勋教授的学术报告
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Fluorophore Coupling Constrained by Multiple  Cucurbit[8]uril Clampings: from Discrete Dimers to Efficient Energy Transfer

报告人:Dr. Guanglu Wu


报告时间:202013日上午9:30 (星期五)





报告人:张兴宏 教授


报告时间:2020年1月3日下午14:00 (星期五)


报告人:崔树勋 教授


报告时间:2020年1月3日下午15:00 (星期五)








报告1:Fluorophore Coupling Constrained by Multiple  Cucurbit[8]uril Clampings: from Discrete Dimers to Efficient Energy Transfer


Coupling two fluorophores within a sufficiently short distance for an extended period of time is crucial for both theoretical and experimental investigation of intermolecular processes. However, stacking together precisely two fluorophores in an aqueous solution remains a substantial challenge as most aromatic hydrocarbons show a tendency to aggregate unpredictably (forming clusters of arbitrary numbers of molecules). In 2017, diarylviologen derivatives with a direct connection of two arylpyridinium motifs were demonstrated to fabricate 2:2 complexes with cucurbit[8]uril (CB[8]) macrocycles, suggesting an effective way to confine two components to close proximity. Herein, by further using arylpyridinium as a clamping module, a new class of fluorescent molecules are developed, which generates discrete, dimeric stacked fluorophores upon complexation with multiple CB[8] macrocycles. The multiple constraints result in a "static" complex (remaining as a single entity for more than 30 ms) and facilitate fluorophore coupling in the ground state, showing a significant bathochromic shift in absorption and emission. This modular design is surprisingly applicable and flexible and has been validated through an investigation of nine different fluorophore cores ranging in size, shape, and geometric variation of their clamping modules. The resultant fluorescent dimers can be photo-excited to atypical excimer-like states with elongated excited lifetimes (up to 37 ns) and substantially high quantum yields (up to 1). This strategy offers a straightforward preparation of discrete fluorophore dimers, providing promising model systems with explicitly stable dimeric structures and tunable photophysical features, which can be utilized to facilitate various intermolecular processes.



Dr Guanglu Wu received his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and completed his PhD degree under the supervision of Prof Xi Zhang at Tsinghua University, focusing on investigating the controlled self-assembly of bola-amphiphiles and its counterion effect. In December 2014, he joined Prof Oren Scherman’s group at the University of Cambridge as a postdoctoral research associate working on exploiting the dynamic aspect of supramolecular systems. His recent research revealed a neglected binding mode of CB[8]-mediated complexes, which offers a convenient way to fabricate discrete fluorophore dimers.




采用石化资源利用过程中产生的大量一碳化合物[C1:二氧化碳(CO2)、氧硫化碳(COS)和二硫化碳(CS2)]合成高分子,可以实现C1化合物的高效高值化利用。CO2与环氧共聚的体系已经进入了工业化,但催化效率和选择性仍有大的提升空间;含硫聚合物品种少,而需求量很大,但利用来源丰富的含硫C1 (源自硫磺)与环氧共聚的研究依然很少。关键问题在于发展高效高选择性的聚合催化剂。本小组通过长期努力,发现和提出了氧-硫交换反应机制,破解了含硫C1与环氧化物共聚的难题,创建了催化COS聚合体系,获得了系列聚硫代碳酸酯和聚硫醚;开拓了拟碳酸酐锌酶制备CO2共聚催化剂的途径,获得了催化CO2共聚的高效高选择性的纳米双金属催化剂。所开发的C1基聚合物在结构材料、功能光学和电学材料有潜在的广泛用途。




张兴宏,教授,浙江大学高分子系研究兴趣是高分子合成化学,独立从事一碳基聚合物的合成研究。主持国家自然科学基金项目5,浙江省杰出青年基金项目1JACSNat. Comm., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Prog. Polym. Sci., Acc. Chem. Res.Macromolecules期刊发表论文90(受邀7);受邀撰写专著5章和主编专著1(Wiley出版社);授权中国发明专利20美国专利2 ;获冯新德最佳论文提名奖(2012);入选浙江省151人才工程二层次(2018);入选英国皇家化学会Polymer Chemistry Emerging Investigator (2020)《功能高分子学报》青年编委。




崔树勋,男,1977年生,博士,西南交通大学教授。1995-2004攻读于365bet官网地址,先后获学士和博士学位,师从张希院士。曾在德国慕尼黑大学和加州大学伯克利分校从事合作研究。2008年获中国化学会“青年化学奖”,2012年获国家自然科学基金委优秀青年科学基金资助,2019年享受国务院特殊津贴。已在J. Am. Chem. Soc.、Angew. Chem.、MacromoleculesSCI期刊发表论文60余篇。研究兴趣为高分子单链力学、水与高分子的相互作用等。











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